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How a HIT works in practice…

How a Hit Works in practice

Decide which HIT is most appropriate and sign up.

There are currently over 30 HITS to chose from.

To help you focus, you may wish to consider performance review shortfalls, newly promoted team-players, skills-gaps following business re-directions; etc.


The HIT starts when people receive their Hub which has been specifically adapted for the HIT they are involved in. The Hub is the one stop shop for everything that is needed for the HIT and includes:

  • Video welcome from the facilitator.
  • Link to canvas for the HIT which will contain the thoughts and work of everyone on involved in the HIT and can start to be built from the moment the Hub has been received.
  • Invite to the interaction element of the HIT.
  • Video explanations of how to use the canvas and the conferencing facility.
  • Course material, including written text, video, links and reading lists.
  • Action Plans
  • Course Feedback

Week 1

Start completing the canvas for the HIT, this will depend upon the HIT but is designed to get people to start thinking about the HIT material and how it applies to themselves and the work that they do. The canvas gives people the opportunity to say what they think and feel without being talked over or feeling like they are putting themselves in the spotlight (content on the canvas can be anonymous).

Week 2

The Hub contains all the course material so people can look at it beforehand and come prepared to test assumptions or clarify information.

Week 3

The interaction will because of the prep already done be highly interactive and help people translate the tools and techniques into real life strategies. Every interaction will end with people committing to taking action and adding it to the the canvas.

Weeks 4-7

Between the end of the interaction and the final review (approx 6 week later) people will be able to access the canvas to use the learning from everyone who is on the HIT.

Week 8

The final review will invite people back to look at how well things went and what learning there has been.

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