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We have developed HITS to provide practical tools and guidance to both new and existing leaders and employees who need to develop a specific core skill while working in a virtual learning environment, using the latest platforms and course material which can be used online.

This opens the possibility of giving learners more content than ever before with access directly through the interactive course manual, along with access to a permanent canvas of the work carried out during the session.

What are Hits?

  • HITs are high impact training sessions that last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. They are short, focused sessions that have been designed to help the learner gain practical skills and tools that can be applied to real work situations that all leaders experience.
  • HITs can be delivered virtually, using platforms like Zoom and Mural.
  • HITs can be delivered to a group in a classroom setting
  • HITs can be used with an individual as the basis for a coaching session.

How do I know which HITs I need?

There are a number of ways to identify which HITs may be beneficial to you.

  • This website provides overviews of all of the HITs we offer. You will be able to see exactly what the session will deliver and determine which ones are most appropriate.
  • If you are an experienced leader but feel you may need a more detailed view of your development needs, you can complete the Refresh 180 online assessment. This will enable you and your team to assess your skills and will produce a focused report on which HITs may be beneficial.
  • Discuss your development needs with your line manager.

What can I expect?

Before you come on a HIT session you will be given an overview of the core model/ process that forms the basis of the HIT. To get the best from the session you will need to make sure you familiar with the content.

The session itself is highly practical and will involve either one to one coaching or peer to peer support and challenge groups. The intention is that you walk away from the session with practical tools to help you in your day to day life as a people leader.

The learning doesn’t stop there. After you have attended the HIT you will be given suggestions of further development you can undertake to broaden your skills further and access to a learning community where you can gain further support or share your knowledge and experience.

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